When job hunting, do you plan to do something big, then find it too difficult and end up doing nothing? After a while of this sense of doing nothing can dominate your job hunt efforts and you may become very discouraged with both the job hunt and with yourself. You can fix this problem by changing your expectations of yourself.

You probably feel you have to:
prove to someone that you’re trying hard enough.
get a job with a certain amount of pay.
start a completely new career path.
prove you are better than your last job made you feel.

You can correct this problem by concentrating on improvement rather than an expectation of success.

Try the following:
taking a class in something.
starting a new hobby that will build skills, have you working with people, or competing in a healthy way.
looking for short-term or lesser paying jobs as an opportunity to build skills and show on your resume that you have determination even during trying times.
take and praise baby steps.
balance the job hunt with necessary time to recharge yourself.
some people recommend spending the same amount of time on the job search as you would spend on the job
definitely designate a certain amount of time each day to spend looking for jobs, doing research on jobs, and working on your resume
make a clear distinction between looking for work and the rest of your life.

Often, we have big expectations for ourselves, find them hard to achieve or to stick to, and then get very discouraged. This is very bad for our morale and our job hunt, and it isn’t necessary. Pace yourself. Concentrate on small successes. Most of all, use time away from “the clock” to better yourself in all ways so you are a better, happier employee.


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