Why Work for Us

Talented people are always in demand and never have a shortage of career opportunities. With so many choices in the market, talented machinists, programmers, engineers, managers and inspectors continue to choose to work with us because of our commitment to being the employer of choice in the industry.

Being an employer of choice encompasses a variety of factors which begins with knowing that one of the foundations of our 60 years of success has been predicated on the principle of attracting and retaining the industry’s best and brightest. That means going beyond providing compensation and benefits that match or exceed the market.

We are the employer of choice because we recognize talented people need the opportunity to contribute and grow. Our employees are involved in making our business better every day as we rely on them to help us continually improve everything we do. We encourage the sharing of ideas and reward those employees that stand out for their contributions.

We are also the employer of choice because we offer an opportunity to expand by working on leading-edge projects that leverage the latest in technology and take advantage of the most exotic of materials. We work with customers who are innovating and changing the industry, and who are pushing the boundaries of what can be accomplished in the world of aerospace manufacturing.

The bottom line is that we consider our employees to be OUR GREATEST resource. We trust, support and empower our employees to do what is right for our Company and our customers. By doing so, we provide opportunities to excel that few others in our industry can match.


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