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The B&E Group consists of five separate but integrated companies that provide industry with a depth and breadth of precision manufacturing talent and capabilities that few can match.  Check out the profile of each company to see which is a precision fit for you.


Global leader in aerospace engine & airframe fuel component overhaul.

Accel is the most recent addition to the B&E Group. Located in sunny Fort Myers, Florida, Accel is a global leader in the repair and overhaul of aerospace engine and airframe fuel related components. Since joining the B&E Group, Accel has been the fastest growing division and is well positioned for continued growth.

The culture and work style at Accel is:
We have a team orientated environment. This fosters a relationship of mutual respect and trust.

The types of people who work and thrive at Accel are:
Those that share a common vision for safety and quality.

The type of positions we have at Accel include:
Bench technicians experienced in mechanical and electrical aircraft components. A candidate who possesses an A&P certificate is preferred.

Additional information about Accel and their capabilities can be found at www.accelaviation.com


Industry leader in precision manufacturing of complex aerospace engine components.

B&E PAC is the flagship company of the B&E Group. Founded in 1950, B&E PAC specializes in advanced precision machining of complex aerospace engine and fuel components. The Company’s talented team of manufacturing professionals possess significant technical expertise that is widely regarded throughout the industry and is relied upon by the largest names in aerospace, including GE, Hamilton Sunstrand and Pratt & Whitney.

The culture and work style at B&E PAC is:
– Fast paced and exciting
– Highly technical in nature
– One of continual improvement
– ‘Team’ focused

The types of people who work and thrive at B&E PAC are:
– Highly skilled
– Motivated to produce 100% Quality products
– Consistent in their quest for new machining technology

The type of positions we have at B&E PAC include:
– Machinists: Milling, Turning, Grinding
– Mechanical Assembly
– Support Functions: Purchasing, Production Control, Shop floor control, Shipping/Receiving
– Engineering: Manufacturing Process Engineers, CNC Programmers
– Professional: HR, Finance, New Business Development,

Additional information about B&E PAC and their capabilities can be found at:   www.bandepac.com


Award winning repair and overhaul station for over 700 repair procedures.

Established in 1993, B&E ACR is a nationally recognized repair and overhaul station for complex aircraft components and assemblies. B&E ACR is staffed with highly skilled Tool Makers, Machinists, Inspectors and Engineers who are relied upon by aviation professionals to solve the challenging issues they face in ensuring parts meet “like new” product specifications.

The culture and work style at B&E ACR is:
Employees are valued as people, as well as workers. Employee harmony is important.

The types of people who work and thrive at B&E ACR are:
Employees that set personal goals, work hard and work well with others.  Employees are given the opportunity for involvement in creating an environment in which they have an impact on decisions and actions that affect their jobs.

The type of positions we have at B&E ACR include:
Manual Machinist, Mechanical Assemblers, Inspectors, Electrical & Process Engineers, Production Control and Shipping.

Additional information about B&E ACR and their capabilities can be found at:   www.bandacr.com


Serving the Commercial, Defense, Medical, Aerospace, and Space exploration industries.

Established in 1976, D&S is a leading high precision manufacturing and assembly company that is staffed by a quality driven team of highly skilled machinists who produce assemblies (mechanical, electrical & pneumatic), fixtures, tooling, production parts, gauges and a variety of other precision components for customers in the Commercial, Defense, Medical, Aerospace, and Space Exploration industries.

The culture and work style at D&S is:
Team oriented from Top Management all the way down to the entry level employee.

The types of people who work and thrive at D&S are:
Detail and team oriented, have the personality and skills needed to work with others during design and process changes. Are willing to be part of the change process by suggesting new ideas as well as embracing new ideas from other team members.

The type of positions we have at D&S include:
Manual Machinists (Surface Grinding, Milling, Jig Grinding, OD Grinding, Jig Bore, Lapping, Assembly, Quality Control, Manual Lathe, CNC Milling – Both Vertical and Horizontal.)

Additional information about D&S and their capabilities can be found at:   www.bandedsmfg.com




Now open in Westfield, MA, New England Heat Treating Service has capabilities that include:

  • Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Metals
  • Atmosphere & Vacuum Hardening
  • Atmosphere & Vacuum Tempering
  • Stress Relieving, Annealing, Solutioning, Aging
  • Induction Hardening & Tempering
  • Deep Freeze & Thermal Cycle to -120 F
  • Carburizing & Carbonitriding
Additional information about NEHTS can be found at:  www.nehts.com

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