A great boss is usually behind great employees. So what makes a good boss?

Monster.com has a solid list of qualities that make a boss so great.

A good leader needs to set very clear expectations and goals for her staff. A good boss doesn’t tell an employee what to do, instead, she tells her employees what her desired outcome is, and checks in occasionally for feedback and progress updates.

A good boss is always communicating with her employees. This helps develop a “coach-player” relationship, and helps keep both parties on the same page throughout each project. This provides a sense of conversation, leadership, and cooperation between a boss and her team.

A good boss is able to recognize each of her employee’s special talents, and recognizes what aspects of their jobs they like most. As the article states, “This creates a win-win as she is able to reap the rewards of employee satisfaction, and employees grow increasingly inspired and confident about their work.”

There are many qualities that a good boss has. To read the entire list posted on monster.com, click here.

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