Your ears are your most powerful asset when it comes to job hunting and interviewing. You’re probably saying, “what?” If we think about any parts of our body and their role in landing a job we’d usually think of our mouths and what we say. The ears are much more important for two reasons, the things you discover and the appearance of being genuinely interested in the job.

Things You Discover

By paying attention to the company’s website, videos, employee behavior, and manager interactions, you can learn a lot about the company and the job. You’ll be better able to picture what the average day will look like, what is expected of you, and how best to present yourself for the best hiring chances.

Appearing Interested

You are going to be a much more agreeable person to work with and, more importantly, a more engaged and productive employee if you are interested in your job. You can at least care enough to pay attention when your manager is speaking to you, particularly about something as important as your job interview. If you’re going to be creative, innovative, and a great asset to the team, interest is key and it takes ears, more specifically the ability to l, to demonstrate this interest.


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