There are a lot of job search sites that offer great advice when it comes to nailing your interview, but I recently stumbled upon a great article by Jon Youshael in Forbes. Under his bio, he mentions that he shares “unconventional career advice and stories,” and it’s true.

In his recent article, “12 Surprising Job Interview Tips,” Youshael covers some of the essential steps an interviewee should take before, during, and after meeting with a potential employer.

Did you know that you should try and schedule your interview for Tuesday at 10:30 a.m.? According to Youshael, this is the prime time to interview. Why? By interviewing on Tuesday, you are coming in at a time when employers are not winding up for the week (Monday), or winding down. Meeting at 10:30 a.m. will ensure that the hiring manager isn’t distracted by lunch, or tired, which often happens toward the end of the day.

Youshael even suggests wearing a subtle fashion statement. This could be something likeĀ a pin representing your home country. These subtle pieces could act as a conversation starter between you and the hiring manager.

During the interview, Youshael suggests preparing some solid questions to ask the hiring manager. This, according to Youshael, will ensure that you are not only asking a genuine questions, but you are getting a bit of your personality and passions in their as well.

And finally, after the interview, be sure the email a personalized thank you note. But, instead of just a thank you, use this email as a chance to show the hiring manager that you were listening. If the employer talked about any upcoming projects, be sure to mention them. It will add a lot more depth to your thank you note.

If you would like to read all 12 tips from Jon Yousahel, click here.

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