Maybe you were fired from your last job and you’re feeling self-conscious about trying to “sell” yourself to a new manager. Or you might want to up the ante on your job hunt by highlighting what a great employee you are or hope to be in the future. I mean, that is what it is all about, isn’t it? You are proving that you are an employee someone wants in their business. Below we’ll go over some tips that will help you instantly boost their hireability and job performance.

Instant Ways To Become A Better Employee

Show An Interest In Goals

In job interviews, make sure to ask the manager about the business’ goals. This will show you are interested in solving problems and helping the business succeed. Using the word “goal” is a big win anyway. You might ask about the business’ current goals, their goals for filling the position you are being considered for, and what goals would they like to see you reach in a certain time frame, like say 6 months.

Be mindful of goals on the job

Don’t forget to actually work on those goals once you get hired. Make achieving the goal easier on yourself and improve the chances that you can prove your work if someone asks you about your progress by setting short-term goals to help you reach your main goals. For instance, if you are supposed to sell a certain amount in a month, increase the likelihood of reaching that goal by breaking it up into weekly goals. If you know you are way short the first two weeks, you can look for opportunities to improve in the following two weeks and hopefully make up the difference. If you can’t reach your goal for some reason, at least you can inform your manager of the progress you have reached rather than simply saying you couldn’t do it.

Set goals for yourself

You are probably already sick of the word “goal,” but it’s really important. Goals make challenges, improvements, and everyday tasks easier. Developing a habit for setting goals is a great way to make your life better and maintain your health and sanity. This, of course, makes you a healthier and more productive employee, ready to tackle the work-related tasks appointed to you.

Don’t go overboard on the goal tactic though. Goals work because they help you designate manageable chunks of responsibility so you can ultimately achieve a bigger end. Start with what works for you and adapt as you go.

Have a team attitude

Even if your position requires you to think independently, every job involves a certain amount of team attitude because you have to work towards the company’s goals. You have to be part of the company’s team. Show an interest in the company’s targets and plans. Work with their culture and management strategies rather than trying to go it your own way.

Sometimes this seems impossible. If you cannot align yourself with the company’s methods or plans, consider getting a new job. Hanging around and swimming against the tide will only painfully drag out the inevitable resignation or termination.

Look for solutions to every problem

Everyone likes a problem-solver. If you aren’t one now, take comfort in the fact that you can get started today. When a problem comes up, try to avoid saying things like, “I can’t,” or, “It won’t work.” Look at each time you would normally say these words as a challenge. First, replace these words with, “I’ll look for a solution,” or, ”Not yet.” Then look for at least a possible solution to start with. Again, this tip will help you in the job hunt, on the job, and in your personal life.

You may notice that these tips are small things you can do today that may have a big impact on other aspects of your personality and life that seem uncontrollable. For instance, you may struggle with chronically being late, having an attitude problem, not being thought of as much of an achiever, or overworking yourself to the point that you no longer function as you should. By developing better goals, making it a habit to look for solutions to problems, and changing your attitude toward your job, you might fix or at least better manage all of these issues. Start becoming a better employee today.


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