Recruiters check the social media accounts of potential job candidates for their current and future clients. In fact, they may find you on social media before ever seeing your resume. Here are some tips to make sure your online presence is attractive to recruiters.

Tips For Making Your Social Media Profiles Attractive To Recruiters

Be mindful of spelling and grammar.

No, you don’t have to prepare your social media posts like an essay for English class, but you also don’t want your social media posts to make you look like you just don’t care. If you can correct a post simply by reading a person’s name or title a second time or Googling a word real quick, do it.

Keep what you did in Vegas in Vegas.

Since recruiters and future employees will likely check your social media profiles, don’t share things on social media in methods where anyone can see them. If it can be kept between a certain group of people, feel free. Just remember that mistakes happen. Unless your activities actually fit the jobs and industry you’d be applying to, you should probably curb your desire to share them at all.

Display a goal-oriented outlook.

Talk in positive terms on your social media profile. Even if you don’t currently have a job, discuss healthy, life-improving activities you are engaging in or projects you are taking on. Publicly, but not obnoxiously, reward yourself for goals achieved.

Be sincere.

Yes, contrary to popular belief, being yourself is good for the job search. In any job interaction, focus on presenting yourself best, not being something you aren’t. Recruiters will see the insincerity and look elsewhere. You also never know when who you are is actually what the recruiter is looking for. Different people’s personalities fit different company cultures and your colorful personality may perfectly fit the company the recruiter is hiring for.

Make sure your profile includes as much as possible.

In your about sections and history, list all your professional and charitable experience, even if you think it isn’t relevant to any job you could foresee yourself getting. Include personal projects you took on as well. What you can’t fit or doesn’t belong in such sections, include in pictures or posts where appropriate.

Good recruiters, the kind you want to work with, pay attention to the 3-dimensional person with all of their skills, experience, personality, and unique blend of strengths and weaknesses. Give them the information you want them to find about you, and you’ll stand out from the masses of other potential candidates.


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