You could land your next job while ordering a drink at your favorite cafe or purchasing a computer for your tech hobby. Don’t believe me? It isn’t exactly the most common way to get hired, but it is quite possible. Why waste the opportunity?

Some recruiters keep an ear “open” while out in public for clues about potential job candidates. People are at ease when going about their day, being themselves and talking freely. It’s an excellent opportunity to discover a person’s true, at-ease personality and their attitude about life and their work. This tells the recruiter a great deal about a candidate’s cultural fit and mindset for certain tasks and work environments.

The recruiter may be listening and watching at places where people in their client’s industry are likely to be hanging out. They may also get lucky in any public place.

Don’t go out tomorrow and stage chances to talk to your friends, family, or the stranger behind the counter about your work aptitude.
Don’t try too hard.
Do be natural.
Do be aware that recruiters could hear you and not hesitate to share something you naturally want to say, or do hold back a negative and unrepresentative work-related statement.


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