Who We Want

Not everybody is cut out to be part of our team.  In making hiring decisions we consistently look for the following characteristics and traits in our prospective employees:

  • Dedicated to Perfection. We work in an environment that has zero tolerance for errors.  While everyone makes mistakes, we need people on our team who are focused on performing and consistently striving to be perfect.
  • Commitment to Quality. When it comes to quality, “good enough” doesn’t cut it so we demand an attention to quality in everything we do and throughout our entire business.  If you are not committed to quality then you can’t work for us.
  • Motivated & Energetic. We have a culture of discipline that relies on people who are self-motivated to work and are excited about the work they do.  People who cannot get excited and started on their own don’t fit in our culture.
  • Passionate. We have dedicated our business to being the best in the industry so want people that are genuinely passionate about precision manufacturing.  It’s our business and we take pride in it so we want employees who feel the same way.
  • Creative Thinking & Problem Solving.  Great companies are great because their people have an ability to see a problem as an opportunity and apply their knowledge to find solutions.  We want people who see challenges as a way for us to help our customers achieve their goals and as a vehicle for demonstrating the value our company consistently delivers.

If you have these characteristics and traits as well as a desire to be the best, we strongly encourage you to join our team.


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