The way you interact with the hiring manager during your communications with them is one important thing they will look for to determine whether to hire you. Be mindful of how your actions reflect your work attitude.

Why It’s Important

If the hiring manager will be your supervisor, how you interact with them at this stage may be a strong indicator of how you will get along with them on the job. If you can’t work well together in one phone call or job interview, days on the job will be torture.

Even if they are selecting you for a position where you will work with someone else, they may be able to anticipate how you’ll interact with that person based on your actions during the interview. The supervisor you’ll be working with might be like them. Most of the time they probably won’t be, but a good hiring manager will be able to look for signs of a good match with the supervisor they are hiring for.

How It Works

If you consistently talk over the hiring manager or take a defensive stance, for example, the hiring manager may decide you will be difficult to manage and prioritize a competitor. You might also reveal that won’t be happy in the position you are applying for because you enjoy talking too much for the role or have an incompatible personality with the company culture. If the company fosters a reserved culture and you display characteristics of a more colorful personality, it may give the hiring manager the impression that you won’t fit very well. What if it isn’t even true? You might be perfectly happy in the culture they have, if you knew ahead of time that was what you were applying for.

Tips To Improve Your Job Interview Dynamics

#1. Research the company and the hiring manager, if possible. This way you know ahead of time whether you are a good fit for the company and you might decide to not waste your time. You will also know what aspects of yourself to highlight or downplay if you do want to pursue the job.

#2. Remember that every communication during the hiring process reflects on your job potential. From going in to fill out an application to attending the job interview, each step could be remembered and used to determine your fit. Make sure to conduct yourself the way you want to be thought of for consideration of the job.

#3. Always project a willingness to listen, honesty, and a positive, problem-solving attitude. Even if you don’t normally possess those qualities, you might work on them to improve your hireability, job performance, and overall outlook on life.


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