An interview is the most essential part of any recruiting process, whereby the potential candidate is evaluated to see if he or she is a fit for the job. Most of the candidates usually make an assumption that their role ends the moment they step out of the interview room and they have to await the interviewer’s response.

This is usually a popular belief, however that doesn’t mean that it’s true. The candidate should follow up with the interviewer or the company once the interview is completed.

We have put together some follow up tactics that you can use to continue showing your enthusiasm for the role.

Follow up with an email or a letter

Write an email or a letter to thank the interviewer for giving you their time and also for expressing again, your desires for the role, as well as  your experience and skills that you are the right candidate for the role. Usually a thank you letter will not only show your interest, but also continues the rapport that you had built when you were being interviewed.

Rules to Follow

*When you are writing this thank you letter, remember to use their proper title and ensure that you correctly spell their name.

*Send the thank you email that very evening. This is because you will want the interviewer to receive your email in the morning so that he or she will continue to remember you and thus you will remain in the forefront of his or her mind.

*If after a week they have not responded, follow up with a phone call. Ideally it is good to ask the interviewer when they will be making the decision. This is a great way to reiterate your desire for the job.

Use these tips after your next interview to set yourself up for success and a follow up interview!

Best of luck out there.


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