Most of us use social media frequently, and we often think of it as a guilty pleasure. All that time is not wasted. In fact, you can turn your social media time into valuable fuel for your career. A little networking, researching, and showcasing the right information can have you using your social media accounts for current and future job searches.

Social Media Already Plays A Part In Your Job Search

You may not realize it, but 93% of employers check social media accounts before hiring a potential candidate. We wrote a blog post on the good and bad aspects of this trend a couple of weeks ago – Most Employers Check Social Media Profiles Before Hiring. Today, we’ll focus on the good. When employers check your profile, they look at things like your communication skills, job information, and activities to get an understanding of your skills and your personality to see if you are a cultural fit for their business.

They would be excited to hire a person whose social media profile:

  • contains correct spelling and grammar
  • shows evidence of a personality that fits their corporate culture
  • received positive comments from past employers
  • displays creativity and ingenuity
  • reflects volunteer service or charitable donations

So, consider revamping your social media image to highlight the characteristics that will help you land a new and better job. You could also make a social media account you never had before such as Twitter or LinkedIn to attract employers.

You Can Get An Employer’s Attention Before You Submit A Resume

On LinkedIn, you can network with the very people you intend to send a resume next month. It is possible on other social media networks, but LinkedIn is your most likely bet. What you do is, you build connections and you interact with them. Make sure to talk in groups, share relevant content, and answer questions. This not only gets you noticed, but it makes you a valued internet presence. Companies want to do this for their customers, so naturally, they want their employees to have the same mindset.

Use Social Media For An Informed Job Search

Information sharing does not run in only one direction. You can discover a lot of useful information from the social media accounts of potential employers. If you dream of working for a specific company, don’t wait for their job advertisements to appear in general job searches. Follow their social media accounts and be notified of their advancements and job openings. You can also use a company’s social media accounts to build a more effective resume and cover letter. Look for the names of hiring managers, see who their current employers are, and get a feel for their corporate culture so you can best represent yourself as the candidate they need.

The next time you apply for a job, use social media to educate yourself, sell yourself, and increase your chances of success. Job search smarter.

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