Employer branding is the thing that great companies are striving for now, and it’s a wonderful thing for job hunters.

What Is Employer Branding?

Very simply, it means companies are strategically creating an engaging environment for their employees and making sure that their advertising efforts reflect that environment. They invest in their employees and foster a motivating company culture. If you find a company to work for that is doing this, you’ll be more likely to actually enjoy your job and get benefits that make your work and home life better.

Things To Look For In Your Job Search

Their Mission Statement

A company utilizing a well-fleshed out employer branding strategy should have a mission statement on their website and in company brochures that is tempting and easy to find.


A powerful mission statement is great, but what if it is just words? Check their LinkedIn profile, Glassdoor reviews, and customer reviews online to see if employees and customers are reaping the benefits of the company’s claims.

Day-In-The-Life Photos

Companies with strong employer brands often use photos of their buildings and their happy employees to give potential candidates a feel of what it will be like to work for them.

Employee Recognition On The Website

Some companies put their praise of current employees on their website and social media profiles. It’s a nice clue when you see it.


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