Social media is becoming a huge part of finding a job. Employers can find you from your social media profiles and reach out to you about a job. They will also look at your profile to determine if you’re a good fit for their company. And you can use social media as a swiss-army knife sort of job hunting tool…

4 Easy Social Media Tricks For Your Job Search

#1. Find jobs on social media.

Follow your favorite companies on social media and be one of the first to discover when they’re hiring!

#2. Use social media as a learning tool.

If you follow people in your current or dream industry on social media, you can get a near constant feed of information to teach you tips, help you keep up with relevant news, and educate you.

#3. Add keywords to your social media profiles.

When employers search for a prospective employee, they’ll use keywords to find them. Whatever your job title is, mention it in about and employment sections of your profile. List your skills in these sections as well.

#4. Use social media like a resume.

Discuss your skills and achievements on social media so perusing employers will see it. Also display your unique job-related personality. Are you a go-getter? Goal-oriented? A team-player? Have a great attention to detail? Innovative? Work this mentality into things you say and how you word things on your social media profile.


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