When the bills are stacking up or you don’t have enough money for food that whole business about only applying to jobs you really want goes right out the window. Not that it’s not good advice; we should look for jobs we can feel motivated in. But sometimes it just isn’t practical. You need whatever job you can get right then to make some money. This decision is not really good or bad in itself. It’s just a fact. The good or bad comes in with your attitude.

A necessity job is bad when you feel stuck and unmotivated. You work there for as long as you can stand it with a poor attitude and probably build up a lot of bad experiences without building your skills for the future. You end up feeling drained and worse off when you apply to your next job.

Things you can do to make necessity jobs a positive thing:
Think of it as short term
Plan an actionable goal to ensure that it ends up being short term
Look for new skills to build, such as
Running a cash register
Manning a fork lift
Working as a team
Don’t fall into the “it doesn’t matter what I do” trap
Do always look for better attitudes and habits to work on so you can be a better employee at that job you want to have

Using these mindsets, you are not just passing, or worse yet, wasting time, you are actually working toward a goal. The necessity job isn’t veering off your career path but a stepping stone to where you want to be.


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